“It helps to not forget or overlook anything.”

“Trees contribute to increased biodiversity, create a pleasant microclimate, and are therefore not least a valuable investment asset. That’s why their care should be very precise, detailed, and comprehensive. A tree cadastre offers a good opportunity for this. B_I galabau spoke with Stefan Schumacher, Managing Director at PBSGEO, about the benefits of digital tree management […]


FIAT-IFTA (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Thanatologues), or in English, The World Organization of Funeral Operatives, is a globally significant organization dedicated to the promotion of funeral practices and the advancement of the funeral industry. Founded in 1970 in The Hague, Netherlands, FIAT-IFTA plays a crucial role in promoting standards and best practices within the […]

Between chainsaws and climbing forum

German Tree Care Days 2024 Few trade fairs have such a traditional character for their clientele as the Tree Care Days in Augsburg. During the event for the green sector, the Bauhof-online.de editorial team mingled with the crowd. In addition to new machines, there was also a wide range of tree catalogs on display. […] […]

German Tree Care Days 2024

The German Tree Care Days 2024 took place this year from April 23-25, 2024, in Augsburg, offering us the opportunity to showcase our digital tree catalog, pg_baum. Over the past two decades, the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg have evolved into the largest fair of their kind. The fair covers all aspects of tree […]

New Service: How the Virtual Cemetery Tour Works

In the cemeteries of Offenburg, the city now offers a new digital service. From now on, it is possible to search for graves online using a mobile device. The cemetery administration of the Technical Operations of Offenburg provides its visitors with a new digital service: the convenient online search for graves. According to the city […]

Digitization of Cemeteries: Revolutionizing Memory and the Management of Final Spaces

In the digital age, technological transformation reaches even the most traditional spaces, such as cemeteries. Digitization of cemeteries not only improves administrative efficiency but also enriches the visitor experience and preserves historical legacy. Enhanced Operational Efficiency Cemetery management faces unique challenges, particularly when it comes to efficient space management and precise record-keeping. Digitization offers solutions, […]

The virtual cemetery tour in Offenburg

New Digital Service – Online Search for Grave Sites Now Available on Mobile Devices. The cemetery administration of the Technical Services Offenburg is providing its visitors with a new digital service: the convenient online search for grave sites. Thanks to an innovative collaboration with PBSGEO GmbH from Cologne, users can now quickly and easily locate […]

Desde AgTech hasta cementerios con IA: la tecnología alemana que llega

La aceleradora del gobierno alemán inaugura hoy en Buenos Aires su oficina y hub para Sudamérica. El perfil de las startups que acompañan la llegada y el mercado al que quieren acceder con AgTech pero también IA. Buenos Aires (AT) – En la entrevista exclusiva que Matthias Notz mantuvo con Argentinisches Tageblatt, el Managing Director […]

Interview for the Revista Funeraria.

“Nos enfrentamos al desafío de adaptarnos a las cambiantes necesidades del mercado, sin comprometer la excelencia en la entrega de soluciones tecnológicas para la gestión de cementerios” “Somos impulsores de la innovación, expertos líderes y socios competentes para la digitalización de cementerios y la gestión digital de espacios verdes públicos”, afirma Stefan Schumacher. Las aplicaciones […]

Locating Graves: How to Find a Loved One’s Grave Efficiently

Exploring family history through graves in cemeteries can be an enriching and meaningful experience. However, finding the exact location of a family member’s grave can be a challenge. Below are two approaches to help you discover where a loved one is buried, either using traditional cemetery search methods or taking advantage of digital tools available […]