optimizes the management of green spaces

pg_grün is the PBSGEO green space register. It is an extremely effective tool for managing green spaces. Due to the multiplatform technology, pg_grün offers a desktop application based on QGIS, a simplified web application and a mobile application for IOS and Android. This means that the right software can be made available for every application.


Currently : through automatic data synchronization.

Compatible: with all leading (cemetery) databases.

Available: on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

GDPR tested: certified by Rittershaus law firm.

User-friendly: directly applicable even without training.

Versatil: usable by cemetery administrations, cemetery gardeners, stonemasons, bereaved families, citizens, etc.

Very high customer satisfaction: average 4.5/5

Multiple: award-winning software.

Significantly lower error rate due to automated data reconciliation.

Fast: up to 10x faster workflows, digital, paperless, effortless.

Simple: up to 80% lower operating costs, easy to implement, operate, and scale.

Improved communication and collaboration all relevant data, tasks, photos, notes, etc. can be shared.

Experiences of our clients

pg_grün desktop

pg_grün desktop is the desktop and expert application of the PBSEGO green space register. With extensive capture and analysis functions, it is the optimal application for anyone who works intensively with area data. pg_grün desktop integrates into the open source GIS QGIS and therefore offers the functionality of a complete geographical information system. In addition to the management of green spaces, any other geodata can be recorded and stored in the application. pg_grün can be operated in combination with pg_baum, the tree cadastre and pg_friedhof, the cemetery cadastre.

Features and benefits of pg_grün desktop

  • comprehensive functions of a desktop GIS (QGIS)
  • powerful tools for graphical data analysis
  • Numerous interfaces to GIS and CAD programs
  • Print/plot plans in any format
  • Integration of other specialist topics such as tree and cemetery registers
  • Structuring the municipal area via systems
  • Online task management for ad hoc communication with the field service

pg_grün web

pg_grün web is a simple web application with a responsive design and can therefore be used on any device. pg_grün web is a complete green space register, but reduced to the important functions. This means that users can work effectively with the green space data after a very short training period.

Functions and advantages of pg_grün web at a glance:

  • Available on any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • easy search for green spaces and facilities
  • Simple call-up of graphical evaluations
  • Print function
  • Online task management

pg_grün mobile

pg_grün mobile is the mobile application of the green space cadastre. This is available for mobile devices based on IOS and Android. Users can easily work in the field, collect and update green space data, and even work offline when an internet connection is not available. Offline mode ensures seamless data capture and editing on the go, without relying on a continuous internet connection.

Features and benefits of pg_grün mobile:

  • optimal for use in the field
  • simplified implementation of area inspections
  • Easy search for green spaces and facilities
  • optimized for common smartphones and tablets
  • GPS positioning
  • Photo function
  • Online and offline mode


The pg_grün online API opens up a variety of possibilities. It enables fast and flexible communication between different platforms and applications. The API also supports ad hoc requests and offers the option of dynamically retrieving or updating data, so all users always have access to the current data. Tasks, orders and photos can be exchanged directly. Users receive notifications, for example via email, when new tasks are created.