There is a lot to report on the digitization of cemeteries


As a recognized expert in the intersection of cemetery management and digital transformation, our Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schumacher, regularly appears as a speaker at national and international events. His focus is on sharing expertise and innovative approaches to the digitalization of cemeteries to combine traditional practices with modern technologies.

Stefan Schumacher is fluent in German, English and Spanish, which enables him to reach and engage a broad, international audience.

Why is the topic of cemeteries and digitalization important?

Digitalization offers immense opportunities to make the management and operation of cemeteries more efficient, accessible and respectful. In his presentations, he discusses how digital solutions not only improve operational processes, but also support dignified commemoration. Central topics of his presentations are:

Innovative software solutions: How modern technologies help to manage cemetery data securely and transparently.

Sustainability and visions for the future: The importance of digital strategies for sustainable maintenance and preservation of cemetery landscapes.

Digital interaction with the community: The role of digital tools in improving communication between cemetery administrations and relatives.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry and numerous appearances at renowned conferences and specialist events, our Managing Director brings with him a wealth of in-depth knowledge and practical insights.

It may seem bizarre at first that even cemeteries – places of traditional peace and contemplation – are now going digital. However, this development shows how profoundly the digital revolution is affecting all aspects of our lives and culture. While some may be surprised that technology is finding its way into such a conservative area, Stefan Schumacher demonstrates in his lectures that the digitalization of cemeteries is not only possible, but also extremely beneficial. By using modern technologies, we can preserve the historical and emotional value of these places while improving their management and accessibility. The digitization of cemeteries is a perfect example of how traditional practices and modern innovations can come together harmoniously.