The integrated web application for cemetery management. is an integrated web application with a responsive design that gives all users an overview of the grave inventory. With, the digital cemetery plan can be published online and shared with the trades (undertaker, cemetery gardener, stonemason, etc.), citizens, and survivors. This increases the service quality of the cemetery administration while relieving the burden on the cemetery administration as many inquiries can be processed online.

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Currently : through automatic data synchronization.

Compatible: with all leading (cemetery) databases.

Available: on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

GDPR tested: certified by Rittershaus law firm.

User-friendly: directly applicable even without training.

Versatil: usable by cemetery administrations, cemetery gardeners, stonemasons, bereaved families, citizens, etc.

Very high customer satisfaction: average 4.5/5

Multiple: award-winning software.

Significantly lower error rate due to automated data reconciliation.

Fast: up to 10x faster workflows, digital, paperless, effortless.

Simple: up to 80% lower operating costs, easy to implement, operate, and scale.

Improved communication and collaboration all relevant data, tasks, photos, notes, etc. can be shared.

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Multiplatform technology is a web application with a responsive design, making it usable on any internet-enabled device. Additionally, there is the option to integrate with other applications from the pg_friedhof product family. This allows the provision of the right software for each specific use case.

Benefits for cemetery management

With, employees of the cemetery administration have access to an integrated tool that significantly simplifies a variety of daily tasks:

  • searching and finding graves
  • Management of any documents, tasks, and notes
  • Graphical evaluations (grave type, status, rest period, first use, etc.)
  • Photo function
  • Online task management

Benefits for citizens, survivors, and trades

Publish your cemetery plan online and increase the quality of the administration’s service to citizens. Improve communication with the trades and accelerate internal administrative workflows.

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Online task management

Task management based on optimizes cemetery maintenance. Tasks can be delegated to employees or external people (undertaker, cemetery gardener, stonemason, etc.).

Scope of functions:

  • Recording priorities
  • Determination of completion deadlines
  • Delegation to one or more people
  • Adding photos to tasks
  • Individual task type catalog
  • Comment function

taphophilia offers the opportunity to store photos and information about graves and monuments. This allows the cemetery to be prepared digitally and from a cultural and historical perspective. Interested visitors can find out information about particular grave sites and the city’s history directly at the cemetery. With this project, PBSGEO won the Urbana Award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Online grave advice and marketing

With online grave advice and marketing, cemetery administrations can publish their funeral offerings online. Undertakers and survivors can then select and reserve the appropriate grave after a prior online consultation.

Selection of the cemetery
The first step is to select a cemetery. A photo and information text can be stored for each cemetery.
Selection of grave type
All grave types available in the selected cemetery are displayed. Essential information about the types of graves is also presented.
Selection of the grave
Now all reservable graves that correspond to the selected grave type are displayed.
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Fill out the reservation request
Once one of the reservable graves has been selected, the reservation request can be selected.
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Online funeral calendar

With the integration of the Appoint funeral calendar from Phinesoft, is supplemented with the topic of coordinating funeral dates. This makes it possible to offer free funeral appointments for reservation online. Funeral directors can reserve appointments online. Public funeral dates can then also be displayed on

The functions at a glance

  • Create burial dates available online
  • Rule-based allocation of funeral appointments
  • Automated data transfer to and vice versa
  • Publication of public funeral dates on