Funeral calender

Appointt, the funeral calender.

Online funeral calender

With the integration of the Appointt funeral calendar from Phinesoft, has been expanded to include the coordination of funeral appointments. This makes it possible to offer free funeral appointments for reservation on the Internet. Funeral directors can reserve appointments online. Public funeral appointments can also be displayed on

Customer benefits

Currently : through automatic data synchronization.

Available: on any device (PC and tablet).

User-friendly: directly applicable even without training.

Versatile use: by the cemetery administration, building authority, registry office or citizens.

Flexible: Adaptable to the individual requirements of your city or municipality.

Cost-efficient: Reduces administrative costs and optimizes resources.

Fast: Reduces administrative work and increases efficiency.

Improved communication: Enables the management of appointments in real time.

The functions at a glance

  • Create burial dates available online
  • Rule-based allocation of funeral appointments
  • Automated data transfer to and vice versa
  • Publication of public funeral dates on
  • Overview of upcoming burial dates at all cemeteries

Appointt Actions

The ultimate solution for automating actions in our program. Customize your system by intervening in different situations:

  1. Before opening an appointment: have predefined settings applied automatically.
  2. During entry: Validate data in real time.
  3. After saving: Customize appointment colors and patterns.
  4. Before printing or Excel output: Perfectly customize your output.

Benefits for citizens, morticians and other service providers

  • Quick and easy: Citizens, morticians and other service providers can conveniently book free appointments online
  • Seamless appointment allocation: Avoid idle time and maximize your resource utilization
  • Real-time updates: Maintain an overview and prevent double bookings
  • Customizable: Scale our system according to your individual requirements

Integration into the digital cemetery plan

Future burials in the PBSGEO citizen information service

  • Transparent information for citizens.
  • Data display in real time.

Effortless appointment booking at

  • Simple online appointment scheduling for funeral directors.
  • No more time-consuming coordination.