The digitalization of cemetery management with is Germany’s leading cemetery cadastre. It has been developed by the Cologne-based company PBSGEO for around ten years and can be linked to all relevant cemetery databases. Data synchronization is server-based, encrypted and automated in the background. can be used on any internet-enabled device (desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones). This means that the digital cemetery map can be accessed wherever the application requires it, including of course at the cemetery. Access can also be granted to any user group, so that the cemetery plan can not only be used as an internal administrative information medium, but can also be shared with the trades working at the cemetery (morticians, cemetery gardeners and stonemasons) and the citizens. Visitors to the cemetery and the trades can easily access the digital cemetery map using a QR code, which is attached to the entrance area of the cemetery, for example. A convenient search function helps you to find the graves. Your own position can be displayed via the GPS signal of your smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to find your way around the cemetery.

Cemetery administrations that already use report a significant reduction in calls, as many inquiries about grave locations are no longer directed to the administration, but can be answered directly using the digital cemetery plan. On the one hand, the use of means less work for the administration, and on the other, it increases the service quality of the cemetery administration, as inquiries can now be answered online at any time. The digitalization of cemeteries is a decisive step towards the introduction of automated processes. For example, can be supplemented with a digital task management system. This helps to structure the multitude of tasks at the cemeteries and significantly improve communication from the office to the field. Field staff receive notifications about upcoming tasks directly on their smartphone. Photos taken in the field appear directly on the cemetery map or are linked to the corresponding grave.

With the integrated online grave reservation, cemetery administrations can offer their burial services online on the internet. Funeral directors and the bereaved can then use to select a suitable grave and apply for the grave reservation online with the administration. Here, too, the automation of the reservation process means less work for the cemetery administration, while at the same time increasing the quality of service for the morticians and bereaved. It is also possible to use the online grave reservation system to arrange sponsored graves.

source: Kommunal direkt, May 2022