German Tree Care Days 2024

The German Tree Care Days 2024 took place this year from April 23-25, 2024, in Augsburg, offering us the opportunity to showcase our digital tree catalog, pg_baum.

Over the past two decades, the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg have evolved into the largest fair of their kind. The fair covers all aspects of tree care and tree protection. Experts from around the world come together to exchange new insights and techniques to preserve the health and beauty of trees. Interesting lectures and practical demonstrations are offered, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of tree care. The Tree Care Days were a great opportunity to network and gain a deeper insight into the opportunities and challenges in the field of tree care and tree catalogs.

We had the honor of participating as exhibitors at the German Tree Care Days 2024 and are very grateful for the interesting exchange with visitors and other exhibitors. It was a great opportunity to share our expertise and gain new insights. We are pleased with the many inspiring conversations and the great feedback on our mobile tree catalog and desktop application. Thank you for the valuable encounters!